Helicopter basic trainer

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Bell 206 Collective

Our Jet Ranger B206 Collective Lever is an exact replica of the original. Every parameter is nearly 100 % identical. All functions from the larger model can be simulated and are especially suitable for the sensitive learning stages of the Bell Turbine in combination with the Jet Ranger add-on from DODOsim.
Collective Bell 206 € 399,- + Shipping

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Cyclic stick

The Cyclic stick with the Bell grip is an exact replica of what you would find in an actual helicopter and it allows a precise and realistic simulation of manuevering a helicopter.
Cyclic stick € 449,- + Shipping

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Robinson R22 Collective lever

Collective Robinson R22 € 299,- + Shipping

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Bell 206 Panel

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger Main Panel’s size and form replicate the functionality of the original. The instrument panel is displayed on an TFT monitor. All buttons, switches and rotary switches are fully functional. FSX and DODOsim software are necessary for operation. The panel will be delivered assembled as pictured and with installation software.
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Bell 206 Overhead Panel

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger Overhead Panel’s size and form are based on the original. All switches are functional. The panel is delivered completely assembled as pictured with installation software.

Anti-torque Pedals

The anti-torque pedal is a replica of the Jet Ranger Pedal, although it can also be flown with all other helicopter add-ons.
Anti-torque Pedals € 350,- + Shipping

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